Guidelines for visitors

Pre-plan your objectives for visiting the exhibition. Sometimes, the exhibition can be quite large and contain a variety of products and services, leading to confusion due to lack of predefined objectives

If visiting for business purposes, ensure you bring along requisite business cards and other promotional material

Rush hour is usually in the evenings between 5 pm – 7 pm. Arrive outside of these timings to escape the crowd

Wear comfortable shoes and make sure you are well hydrated

Cafeteria services will be provided at most shows. However, it is strongly recommended to have a good meal before visiting the exhibition

Kindly refrain from carrying large bags, suitcases, heavy equipment etc to the show as you will be frisked upon entry. Do not, under any circumstances, carry any items deemed as 'hazardous' in public places.

We hold many contests / competitions / workshops / activities during the exhibition. Please enquire and register well in advance for the same, to help in better preparation

If your kid is participating in any of our activities, please make sure that necessary props / audio CDs / dress etc are prepared in advance. It helps the smooth running of the activity